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Water only for hair 永別了@洗髮精

It has been more than 4 months of using only water for my hair. I know that it might sounds crazy but in fact there are actually quite amount of people use only water for their hair which so called... Continue Reading →


Green life project in Malaysia

It's been a long while since my last post. Have been disconnected with social media quite a while after officially back in Malaysia for good. Took some times for getting my health back and still on the way of recovering.... Continue Reading →

Do I still use Toilet Paper? 零垃圾可以用厕纸?

Everything is not perfect. 有些事情是不完美的 Speaking about toilet paper, I am still using them when I'm outside of my house. Else wise, I will just use water. Exactly, no toilet paper found in my current living place. Just WATER.. It... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Resources in MALAYSIA *1*

Zero Waste Malaysia is here!!!! Come and join this zero waste community if anyone of you interested on zero waste lifestyle in Malaysia. You can simply find some zero waste resources in the group. Else wise, it would be good to... Continue Reading →

Fluffy vagina blanket 可重复使用的卫生护垫

You would never want to go back to single - use sanitary pad once you have tried reusable fluffy sanitary pad. Never ever! 试了可重复使用的卫生护垫,想必你再也不想回到一次性使用的卫生护垫了!:) I could say that it is the best choice to switch from single - use sanitary... Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Market 农夫市集

Farmers' market. I personally think that it is easier to shop in bulk and package free grocery at farmers' market. It's a type of market that sells local produce from the local farmers. Besides, you get to communicate with the... Continue Reading →

D.I.Y. Toothpaste 动手做零废弃牙膏

How about a recipe for chemical and plastic free toothpaste? Speaking of commercial toothpaste that found in the market place, all of them are packaged in plastic which placed in a paper box. Yes, the paper box could probably be... Continue Reading →

Tips #1 小技巧 #1

Have you ever experienced what to do with the tiny soap after used up a period of time. Indeed, it is so hard to continue using it as it's quite easy to slip out from your hand. I would probably... Continue Reading →

D.I.Y face mask 动手做零废弃面膜

  Instead of sending orange peeled skin to landfill, why not up-cycle it and combine it with egg white for amazing face mask? In fact, orange peeled skin can be great to our skin as it contains rich Vitamin C... Continue Reading →

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